Our Services

Printing Machinery

Tanveer Naveed General Trading LLC supplies a range of printing machinery, including offset and web printing machinery, to meet the needs of commercial printers.

Paper Products

TNG supplies different types of papers, including offset printing paper, photocopy paper, art paper, duplex board, folding boxboard, and corrugation paper in reel and sheets.


TNG supplies various consumables related to printing, packaging, and paper-making industries, including spare parts, offset ink, flexo ink, bookbinding, and corrugation glue.

After-sales Services

TNG provides after-sales services related to the products it supplies, ensuring its customers receive the necessary support to maintain the products they have purchased.

Paper Making Consumables

Tanveer Naveed General Trading LLC also supplies paper making consumables such as headboxes, forming fabrics, press felts, dryer felts, and doctor blades to the paper-making industry.

Book Binding

Tanveer Naveed General Trading LLC supplies bookbinding consumables such as bookbinding glue, hot melt adhesive, and spine tape to ensure that books are bound securely and have a professional finish.